MiFi vs. Overdrive? WiFi goes Stream to Stream…

Verizon and Sprint, as you all know, are competitors in the mobile phone industry and now they are competing in internet mobility.  Not in the traditional sense of the cell phone, but in the mobile broadband arena.  In the following link provided by DivorceDiscourse on Youtube, the Verizon MiFi goes head to head to with Sprint’s Overdrive WiFi device.  Both are comparable in size and functionality.  While the MiFi gets up to 4 hrs of usage on a single charge compared to slightly over 3 and a half hours of usage for the Overdrive.  The MiFi connects to Verizon’s 3G network, while Sprints can alternate between the 3G/4G network.  The 4G network is supposed to run 10 times faster than the 3G network, but it is in limited availability in regards to coverage.  Who comes out on top?  Click the link to this video to find out.  The results may just surprise you….


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